How Much Is A G650 Private Corporate Jet?

The Gulfstream is probably one of the most sought after private jet brands on the market. From business, to sports teams to music artists and professionals. The Gulfstream is the go to for many different occasions. You know an aircraft brand is popular when mainstream artists continually refer to it and even name songs after it to party to (eg. “Like a G6“).

G650Against it’s competitors the G6 offers the most luxury in it’s class. There’s a reason why musicians love to get away on this aircraft. It’s not just great for getting you around on tour across the world much faster, but also offers amenities that many other jets can’t. For example a mini bar, bedroom/beds, and in some cases you’re able to customize it so you can record music as well.

Sports teams love the Gulfstream series as well. While mainly dealing with smaller teams, such as tennis players, golf players, boxing or UFC etc. These planes are great for getting from one foreign city to the next in great time before your next game. We continually hear great reviews from Andrees Agassii, Federerr, about how professional their service is.

We had always wondered how much is a gulfstream 650 private jet? and after some solid research have come to the understanding that it varies anywhere between $70-80 Million USD. Most companies feel the desire to lease this jet, although in many cases a G6 is easier to buy instead.

If you are trying to find out more on how to own your own G650 private aircraft, then make sure to get in contact with this company. They are great at helping other with finding excellent deals on air crafts based in almost any country.If owning isn’t something you can visualize yourself doing within the next couple of years, then chartering isn’t so bad for now. You can find excellent deals on traveling private jet Las Vegas in Nevada. While you can also discover competitive pricing when you travel private jet Miami and also when you explore private jet Los Angeles in California.