Selecting a Good Private Jet Dealer

Aircraft Dealer InfoIf purchasing a business plane is your preferred method of traveling, then you may find the information below to be of good use.

Choosing a good broker or dealer can be a difficult task. It’s best to take your time and do some thorough research before investing your hard earned money. Below are a list of characteristics that you should look for when considering an aircraft dealer for the long term.

– Ethics
– Experience
– Reputation
– Size
– Guarantee

Also, make sure to inquire about different forms of payment and whether or not you need to invest a minimum amount. You should also clarify whether or not you will be able to take full possession of your plane at any time. Many people wonder about this which is why it’s so important to allow custodians to teach you correctly.

Dealers to Avoid:

– Kijiji, or Craigslist
– Big discount online dealers
– Dealers without a physical address

See below for even more sources for locations to charter a private aircraft and more:

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