Is Smoking or Vaporizing Allowed on Jets?

The big debate has come up and many are weighing in on whether or not smoking or vaporizing is allowed on private jet flights. Since it has been banned on commercial airlines many believe that it should be banned on luxury air crafts as well, although that simply isn’t the case. There are private charters that are non smoking, however there are also charters that allow smoking or vaping.

When you think of it, flying via charter is a luxury service. Musicians, actors, film crews, sporting teams and administration all travel on private charters aside from business and exec’s. If you’re paying for such a service, smoking options should be available.

Some of the private jet flights to Miami, Florida offer free disposable vaporizers mainly for the duration of your travel. Essentially, bringing your own vaporizer pen is the best idea. That way you know how to use it already and you know you’re going to get quality clouds. The disposables are just great for those who don’t own one or haven’t ever tried.

Another destination that offers private jet flights to Las Vegas, Nevada also carries disposables, along with private jet flights to Los Angeles, California. You would be surprised at how many different airlines support vaporizing & smoking. For regular smokers, it’s a paradise.

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