Differences of Home & Commercial Portable AC’s

Koldwave Server CoolingFor any first time buyer can be a little tricky to distinguish between a commercial unit vs a home-based unit. One of the first indicators is usually the amount of BTU power that the machine is able to output. If you’re AC outputs anything more than 18,000 BTU’s and above your machine is generally categorized for commercial and industrial work places. If your machine is anywhere below that then it’s likely more suited for your home.

There are some environments where it may be tricky to tell if you need a regular home-based unit or an industrial sized one. Those situations include cooling your car, cooling a private jet, cooling a bus and many more. If that’s something that you’re looking into then you may want to consult an expert before making your final buying decision.

Major Differences

Consumer UnitsFirst off one thing you will notice is that the power supply is much different on an industrial or server size unit. Since these machines are meant for large companies and environments they require much more power to operate. It is highly not recommended to be used in a home based environment.

Another noticeable difference is the size. Commercial units are usually about two to three times the size of a home based machine. You will also notice that there are many options in the server cooling world that do not require you to use directional nozzles. There are also models that can be used with water that don’t need to be ventilated.

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